Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Divas Anonymous

D.A. (Divas Anonymous)
10 Steps to overcome the addiction of imaginary entitlement, 
also known as "I.B.T.Y.S."( I'm Better Than You Syndrome) 
and D.D./ Double D's (Delusional Deservedness)

Have Hope!

"Divaism" can be managed through a careful step-by-step personal inventory. Be brave, take courage, and read on, in this, your dance journey. You are in good company, with those fellow steppers, who understand and battle this sly disorder, along with you. 

10 Steps:

1. I admit that I am powerless over my diva. I am naturally self- absorbed and without thought defend my right to put myself first, believing that I am better than you.

2. I believe that there is a group that can help me to selflessly 'pay it forward', called The Loveland Belly Belles, a unique dance group in our area.

3. I have attended a Wednesday night class of Loveland Belly Belles dance, regardless of my imagined abilities, just for the sake of sharing others' joy to 'shake it forward', donating my time and resources to bring help and celebration to other women and children.

4. I have spent time in conversation with other dancers in class to let them know how much I appreciate them and that they are 'more than' not 'less than' in my eyes. It is easy for me to genuinely complement others for their smiling enjoyment, while they dance.

5.  Admitting that I am 'not all that' relieves me of the stranglehold of perfectionism. I can laugh at myself as I misstep or don't measure up to my unrealistic past expectations.  Those around me make me genuinely happy to be with them as I dance. 

6.  I accept that I will not be on America's Got Talent type shows exhibiting my superior dance moves. I will not quit my day job.  I have many other interests. The phrase'dance is my life' makes me giggle.

7. I feel free to be myself and  have fun as I stop thinking that I will be 'the best dancer in Northern Colorado', desired by all audiences.

8. I have a list of Belles friends I see outside of class and I invite others to join our class promoting freedom from 'divaism' as we shake it forward together, focusing on creating a supportive community of women locally and globally.

9. My focus is giving to others inside and outside of class. Comparing myself with myself, not comparing myself with others, I dance for my own entertainment and the betterment of my community. I am part of the solution, not the problem. Dancing is just a tool to accomplish my goal.

10. Desiring to promote a positive atmosphere, I support my fellow dancers and support The Loveland Belly Belles as we fund-raise and fun-raise. Ongoingly, I will take a personal inventory, admitting that my divaism will demand it's own selfish way from time to time as I "get stars in my eyes".

I am trusting that my understanding, supportive fellow Belles 'have my back' and will be patient and kind with me as we battle this insidious disorder together, with a wink and a smile. 

J;-D 4theBelle

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