Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sierra's Race Special Announcement

An Important Announcement about Sierra's Race 2015!

March 2015
An Important Message from Sierra's Race...
Dear Sierra's Race Supporters:
You are receiving this letter today because you have been a valued supporter of Sierra's Race Against Meningitis. As a sponsor, or as a registered participant in the race, you have been a crucial part of our fight against Meningitis. 
You have helped us all to keep Sierra Krizman's memory alive, and to create a legacy for her that will shine on through the lives of each of us that are protected by Meningitis vaccinations. Thank you.
This Year Will Be Unique...
Over the past seven years, Sierra's Race has seen
20,000 people participate, has raised over $280,000and ultimately has been able to provide 3,800 free vaccinations. This translates into 3,800 families that are protected from the heartbreaking loss of a loved one taken from them. 
So while the race has been a fun, healthy, and competitive vehicle to accomplish our goals... our purpose has always been to raise awareness, and provide free vaccinations to anyone and everyone. 
This year will be unique. Due to a scheduling conflict with our venue, Sierra's Race will not look the same as in years past.
However, the race must and our fight against meningitis WILL go on. We want to take this race, meant to fight a virus, and make it and online event! We have the unique opportunity to try something completely new, and spread this race across the country. 
...the anniversary of Sierra's journey to heaven, the full details of this new event will go live at 8:00am MST.
At this time we ask that you visit our website and refer your friends to do the same.   
While we as a committee recognize that this format is not our ideal choice for a race, we are excited to try something new as well.  We hope that you continue to support this effort against meningitis. Every dollar you donate goes towards awareness and FREE vaccinations.   
Thank you for making the past seven years an amazing success. Please continue to partner with us as we champion this cause into the future. Any questions or comments please email us at  info@sierrasrace.com or visit us on our Facebook page!  Like us on Facebook

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