Mission Statement

The fabulous Loveland Belly Belles are a dazzling blend of beauty and benevolence.  They meet on Wednesdays at 7pm at the Loveland Odd Fellow’s Majestic Event Center at, 319 E 4th Street, for an open class welcoming all women from the northern Colorado tri cities.  Each month they “shimmy it forward” by choosing a local or global charity to donate much of their Wednesday night class donations.  The Belles have won numerous area awards for Dance excellence and Denver’s “Colorado Inclusive Award” for including dancers of all abilities in their classes and performances.   Join in their celebration of life through dance, support for women and children and expression of beauty for beauty’s sake. 

The Loveland Belly Belles are not a tribe or troop of belly dancers, looking for proficiency in your performance. 

We dance together for our own entertainment, for the purpose of personal health, happiness and for the financial support of our community of women and children.

We are an inclusive club of women, all ages, shapes & sizes, who dance, to better our beautiful world, through fund-raising and Fun-raising.

No previous experience is required. We just want your body. ;-)

The Loveland Belly Belles are available to promote your fundraising effort, as determined by our planning committee. Contact us on our Facebook page for more info.

The Loveland Belly Belles dance together for their own entertainment, for the purpose of personal health, happiness and for the financial support of our community of women and children.

Dance Classes...
  • Classes meet once/week and will consist of approximately one hour, including a warm-up and choreographed dances.
  • Belles may dance any performances as arranged by the Planning Committee.
  • Belles will celebrate one party per quarter to include appropriate themes of the season and three months of Belles' birthdays, during regular class time. Celebrations occur in March, June, September, and December. 
  • Donations ($5) are asked at the door and email lists are signed each week. Those without email record their phone number on the sign-in sheet in place of the email.
  • Liability forms must be signed by class participants or their guardians before they can participate in class.

All Belles performances are inclusive events inviting all Belles and subject to the decision of Belles Planning Committee.
  • Beginning at each Quarter, (October, January, April, July) performance opportunities will be presented to The Belles Planning Committee. One major performance may be accepted for each quarter and/or one monthly performance opportunity as determined by Planners.
  • Belles will not perform more than one performance per month, unless agreed upon by Belles Planning Committee.
  • Belles intending to perform must be present for at least four practices before each performance dancing, to the best of their personal ability.
  • Printed choreographies and music (CD’s) are available for a nominal fee.
  • If Belles dance for other-than-Belles dance opportunities, they dance on their own reputations and use their own non-Belles costumes, music and choreography.  

  • Belles submit their choreography in writing and provide their own music to the Belles Planning Committee for approval before public performance. This does not include class presentations or Belles Choice classes. Your creative participation is encouraged.
  • Approved choreographies then will be instructed to the Belles during assigned class sessions. All Belles choreographies are inclusive. There are no Belles soloist performances. 
  • Belles are reminded that over 20 choreographed dances have been written, shared and performed by and for the Belles in previous years.

  • All E-Mails through Janet ( janet.schreiner@gmail.com ) to communicate classes, outings and performances.
  • Donation money Collected and e-mail sign-up sheets updated.
  • Room Charge Paid
  • Class instructor Paid
  • Music/speakers/IPod/mics/sounds system (all technical needs - CDs, DVDs & choreography copies available for a fee)
  • Oversee all monthly Belles activities, month by month.
  • Monthly meeting for all planning committee members after class after the1st Class of each month.
  • Costume and Accessories Orders (including Masala bhangra Scarves, veils, canes, wings etc. at craft classes)
  • Facebook, online site maintained
  • Charitable contribution and card monthly
  • Business cards, banner, posters, etc. (Printing needs)
  • 2 or more Planners for each event (outings, performances, classes)
  • Welcoming visitors

  • Signup sheets for events
  • Liability forms
  • Announcements presented to planners before events are shared with entire class.
  • Communicating with planners for questions, suggestions and constructive criticisms
  • Continuing the positive reputation and supportive attitude of the Belles.
  • All Belles class participants may be asked to assist with planners responsibilities as ' future planners in training'
  • Belles are encouraged to express support for and offer assistance to our community of Belles dancers. No Belles are solo acts.

Current Planning Committee Members: Janet Schreiner, Janet Stephens, Rene Price, Roseanne Wheeler, Tracey Kellogg & Sandy Babcock

The Loveland Belly Belles are an inclusive group who welcome all who display a Belles' cooperative spirit. If there are complaints, concerns or contrary conversations they should be brought to the Belles Planning Committee and will be promptly dealt with by the Committee Members. 

Divas need not apply.  Selfishness, personal drama and negative attitudes are unacceptable here.  We are pleased to paddle the river of estrogen with you to build supportive relationships that add to our beautiful flow.  Membership has its privileges. Not everyone is a Belly Belle. Belles selflessly donate their resources, time and talents to celebrate their lives and make it possible for others to do the same. Belles shake it forward to pay it forward, creating a better world.


Diva: A diva is a hustler. She will do anything to get what she wants, often at the expense of others. Satisfaction, joy, peace and contentment are temporary in her life. She pursues these by putting herself first, thus, frustrating and defeating herself. Believing herself to be better than others, she feels entitled. A diva is a vain, temperamental prima donna, who expects privileged treatment. Those who still love her suggest that, though she may be somewhat talented, she should not quit her day job.

Belle: A Belle is defined as a most beautiful woman, inside and out. Admired for her charm and beauty, she is considered a favorite by others. She seeks cooperation and peace, delighting in the joy she brings out in those who know her best. She seeks to be a better person by giving of her time and talents and considering the needs of those around her. Not everyone is a Belly Belle.

“Do not bother to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors - try to be better than yourself.”  
-  William Faulkner 

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